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What is Barclays Eagle Labs?

Barclays Eagle Labs is building a platform to connect the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order to drive digital skills development and to help grow the economy through innovation and change.

Our partnership with Eagle Labs provides our members with this platform, enabling them to continue on their growth journey, and immediately giving them access to support from one of the largest banks in the UK.

This support is invaluable for any business looking to take themselves to the next level, but in need of guidance.

What Barclays Eagle Labs provide:

Ongoing Business Support

On-site Support Team

Access to Financial Experts

National Network of Entrepreneurs

Exclusive Business Events

Access to Eagle Labs Network

Prototyping and Guidance

Access to High-Tech Equipment


“Barclays Eagle Labs will bring support and innovation for ambitious young start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking to develop their businesses. We look forward to working with the Barclays team and to offering our members the opportunity to access the entire UK network of Eagles Labs, opening up fantastic opportunities for future growth and collaboration.”

Eagle Labs will curate a range of activities at The Landmark including educational support for start-ups through a series of workshops, including seminars on how to start a business and how to scale up, with access to digital learning material and resident Barclays bank managers.


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