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Every business is different, from the local SME to the travelling freelancer or international corporation. But, whatever your business’ sector, size, customers, or goals, there are proven benefits to co-working that could help your company become more productive, improve your relationships in the local business community, or discover a better way to work.


Unlike many other working environments, co-working presents to unique opportunity to collaborate with your peers in the local business community and within your sector, organically providing the platform and circumstances for communication, feedback and the formation of partnerships.


The upbeat, energetic environment of co-working spaces creates a positive working atmosphere where a culture of productivity, creativity and high morale is a proven benefit.


Cut out the wasted time that comes with having to manage your own building’s heating, electricity, wifi, maintenance, furnishings and the arduous task of opening up at the start of the day and closing the building at the day’s end. We believe your focus and energy when working should be directed towards the most important thing: your business. The flexibility of The Landmark and our managed facilities allow you to do this.


Form natural relationships with those around you and bond over the similarities and differences of your experiences. From these relationships, you can gain valuable future work, insight and advice and also first hand learn from other local companies and businesspeople how they’re achieving business growth and how their leveraging other connections to achieve future growth.

Discover the benefits of co-working for yourself and watch your business grow and flourish at The Landmark, Burnley’s most prestigious tech hub. Contact us for more information about our membership packages or visit us our stunning Grade II listed building at 1 School Lane, Burnley, BB11 1UF.