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Dentsu Aegis Network

A multinational media and digital marketing communications company.  Joanna Sandilands, Senior Display Activation Manager

Because of the current climate with corona I’ve not been able to go into the office but I thought it would be really useful to get out of the house and into a more professional environment. That’s why I signed up to work at The Landmark.

Being in an environment around other professionals is really useful because it puts you in the right frame of mind for work, sit at a proper desk and be more productive.

I normally work on the long tables in the middle of the room, or if there’s something I really need to focus on I’ll get into one of the Nooks. That’s the little booths that are dotted around, and they’re great for getting work done.

I’m also using the meeting rooms more now. If I need privacy to make calls, I’ll go into one of the meeting rooms. Conversely there are also the public areas for relaxing and networking like at the bar, or in the café area.

The real benefit of working at The Landmark is cutting down on commuting. Living in Burnley and working in Manchester is quite a drive. Here at The Landmark, I feel more switched on and better prepared for work and this is really productive environment. I’m really enjoying it.