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Disruptive Focus Ltd

Rebecca Lindley, Director

I’ve always worked in Burnley and The Landmark is a fantastic place, I’ve been following the transformation from the old Burnley Grammar School into the lovely modern Landmark building we have now.

I used to work for Burnley College and I’ve actually taught in this building.

The benefits of working at The Landmark are twofold. The central location is perfect for me and my business, but the main thing is the community and networking opportunities it presents. The minute I came in the building I was welcomed by the staff and given a tour, and being part of that community is what attracted me. The friendliness of the people and the opportunities that offers are amazing.

My business is all about self leadership and leadership development, so being in here gives me access to lots of people, companies, and opportunities to meet business owners and decision makers.

At The Landmark, it’s not just one person helping another, it’s a community of skills and professions that support you

I started working at The Landmark because it breaks the day up for me. I have to conduct client meetings at home or in a confidential area, but The Landmark is where I do all my preparation. It’s an environment where I feel happy, secure, and productive.