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Proper Video

A strategy first video marketing company.  Aiden Oldroyd, Director

The Landmark has changed the way we work for the better.

I used to work from home and being inside the same four walls all day was far from ideal. Now I split my time, half at home and half at The Landmark. I still do video editing at home but the option of going The Landmark has brought so many benefits.

I use The Landmark for the planning and business management side of things. It’s perfect for meeting clients because it’s got such a professional look and feel about it. Coming to The Landmark has provided structure to our business. It’s formalised the way we work a bit more, and that’s great.

It’s a friendly environment with open networking opportunities, all in a standout central location. Before I joined The Landmark Business Club, I didn’t have a professional location for business meetings. Now I’m proud to invite clients to come to The Landmark, and best of all it only costs me £20 a month, which is absolutely nothing for all the benefits it brings.