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Mental health and wellbeing consultant.  David Scholes, Director

We only set up the business in February 2020 so it’s a very challenging time to start out on your own, but The Landmark has made things a lot better for us.

Running a business that’s to do with mental health and wellbeing, it starts with yourself, and being in the house all the time wasn’t good for me. I needed a separate area to put space between work and home, and that’s why I started looking for other options.

Part of the business involves going into other organisations and advising them on the mental health issues, which is why I originally went to The Landmark, to see what we could do from a business point of view, and that was when I saw the facilities and I thought this would be a great place that would work for me.

I first heard about The Landmark because my dad used to be a teacher at Burnley Grammar and he was invited to the opening of the building when it was renovated into The Landmark as it is today.

The main reason I work here is the way it looks. I wanted to invite clients and colleagues into a space the reflected us as a business. It’s well presented and it’s a little bit different.

It’s a little bit wow!