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GetJohn & Co

Ecommerce Agency.  John O’Rourke

At the beginning of lockdown, I was talking to a colleague about downsizing the office, and we started to question if we even needed an office at all. Six months later here we are renting a flexible space at The Landmark and we’ve not looked back.

I’ve got the unlimited package here at The Landmark because we’re saving quite a lot on not having the traditional office. We use all the facilities, the meeting rooms are great, the printing and tech facilities are extremely useful, and the areas for entertaining clients are even better here than they were in my old office.

Coming to The Landmark has changed my attitude to the office, and the way we think about working

Not having to look after the facilities is a huge relief. It’s someone else’s job to make sure there’s a comfortable environment to work from. All I have to worry about now is work.

Covid, and lockdown, has forced us all to rethink the way we work. People are realising that they can work differently, all you have to do is give it a go. One of the special things about The Landmark, unlike most other coworking spaces is that you can come and try it out just on a day rate.

Unlike a lot of other coworking spaces this place has been renovated to a very high standard, it’s visually nice, it’s quiet, and there’s a super atmosphere. It’s friendly and welcoming.