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When Cate Northern took over North West Actors a few years ago it was based in Bury. Cate describes herself as a “Burnley girl born and bred” and a “great believer in investing in your own town” and that explains why she first came to have a permanent desk at The Landmark.

Cate used to do pottery classes here when she was a child so the building holds some really special memories. She has been working here since it opened and she’s got a fixed desk which means she can come here anytime.

She explained:

“Most of my actors are based in Manchester but I’ve got people on the books from London as well, and I invite them here to The Landmark for meetings. We’ve had film companies coming here from all over the North and we’ve had casting directors come and do filming in the building too – even people producing some of the best dramas on TV at the moment.”

“The Landmark is a great place to hold those meetings. They’ve maintained the authenticity of the building and in my business that sort of thing really counts. Clients coming from London and Manchester are always surprised at what we’ve got here.”

Cate can talk to clients or actors in the bar area or if she needs a different environment there’s private rooms where she can meet two or three people and it feels like a more intimate space.

Cate Says:

“I have meetings with production companies around the world so the Zoom rooms are a great facility for me. There are rooms that can hold around 20 people and we can connect with others from locations around the world on the big screens”

“I’m a history lover and the fact that they’ve maintained the authenticity of the building makes me feel like part of the history of it myself. Keeping everything within Burnley, The Landmark is raising the profile of the town everyday.”

For Cate, the networking here has been really beneficial:

“I’ve been invited to lots of different events where people didn’t realise that a company like Cate Northern Acting Agency can exist in a town like Burnley, but with the help of The Landmark it can thrive.”