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Birchall Foodservice is a food wholesaler with over 80 years trading history. They’re one of the largest independent foodservice companies in the UK.

We spoke to Marketing Manager Joe Moulton who is a Business Club Plus member of The Landmark because of the flexibility it offers:

“I use my membership for the coworking space mainly. It gives me a great space to get away from the distractions at home and at the office.”

“I spend most of the day in the shared working areas. I get myself a space on a table or in one of the Nooks. With my laptop and headphones on I can work away without distractions. That’s one of the main benefits for me: working all day without distractions”

The Business Club Plus membership allows access to the coworking space, the lounge, the bar and all the networking events like Friday afternoon drinks. It’s a great opportunity to meet local people and businesses.

All the networking and shared workspace doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on social distancing measures. We’ve taken extra care to make sure people feel safe and confident to get on with their working lives.

Joe told us what it means to him:

“In terms of social distancing there’s all the measures in place. There’s so much space here that it’s not likely to be a problem and everything’s immaculately clean. I’m totally comfortable working here, there’s no problems.

Coworking is more important than ever these days, especially for me and people in my industry. It’s a privilege to have such a modern space right on your doorstep. It’s great, I love working here.”