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PM+M Accounting are a leading firm of accountants, financial planners and business advisors. We’re proud to have them here on site because they bring something special to our business community. We met up with Neil Welsh and he told us why they decided to relocate to The Landmark:

“We’re an accountancy firm based in Blackburn. We’ve got a permanent office in Bury and up until recently an office in Burnley.”

“The main reason for moving was straight forward. The previous office was too big and we were paying for space that we weren’t using. Here at The Landmark that doesn’t happen.”

He added:

“The facilities here are absolutely first class, the location is perfect, as is the functionality. The Landmark is right at the forefront of the local business community, Burnley Bondholders and everything being done under the hashtag Brilliant Burnley.”

PM+M have chosen to take a permanent space in the Apex Centre. That’s a space a little bit away from the main building and it’s perfect for flexible working. It gives PM+M the opportunity to drop in whenever they need, but keeping the possibility to entertain clients in the meeting rooms and use the facilities over in the main building.

“We’ve used the events spaces here as both organisers and delegates. We’ve used the presentation rooms for seminars. There are lots of opportunities for meeting people and collaborative working”

The organisers here really try to encourage networking, which is key for any business. One of the ways they do that is through the Friday drinks events, we’ve dropped in on a few occasions and it’s really beneficial”

The Landmark is a business hub in a central location so it makes sense for companies like PM+M to be part of that.

Neil told us how there’s a strong synergy between The Landmark and PM+M. This year they’re celebrating 101 years of trading. They’ve got a lot of history behind them, but they’re also at the forefront of technical change and forward thinking. The same can be said for The Landmark, we take the best of the old and new.

Neil is quick to recommend The Landmark:

“Anyone looking for collaborative office space should certainly consider The Landmark, it’s the place to be. We want to be at the hub of Burnley business and The Landmark is just that.”