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Jen Hill is one of the officers at the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, and for them The Landmark has quickly become a key part of the Commercial sector in Burnley and the wider area.

We met up with her to talk about what The Landmark means to the Chamber of Commerce and the wider business community:

“I look after the marketing and membership of the Chamber of Commerce and The Landmark is a very interesting case. It’s one of our valued members of the Chamber but also a hub for quite a few of our other members, so it puts them in a unique position.

We use The Landmark as one of our larger venues. The event space they’ve got here, with catering facilities, is great. The staff here bend over backwards for us and they welcome all our members and delegates.”

So The Landmark is in a very interesting position as a member of the Chamber, and also a supplier. Jen explained that The Landmark is one of the best conference and events centres in the area:

“The space here is absolutely phenomenal. It’s a perfect mix between old Burnley and the next generation of industry in this area. The facilities are exactly what you’d need as an event manager. It ticks all the boxes.”

“We held an event, pre-covid, for 74 delegates and the space was perfect. There was easily room to network and walk around. This place is ideal for events of all sizes.”

It’s easy to put on an event at The Landmark because everything just works and it’s already in place. The computers, the cables, the audio visual facilities are top quality here. It’s exactly as you need it:  you just plug in and it’s ready to go.