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Door4 is an ecommerce agency that provides digital marketing strategies and lead generation. Director Leon Calverley spoke to us about what The Landmark means to him and his business.

“We use the Landmark regularly for our offsite events. Our teams come here because it’s a different environment that encourages creativity and new ideas.”

 The Landmark has everything that you’d want from an office and more. It has excellent facilities, meeting spaces, top quality audio visual set up, and all in a space that fosters creativity.

Leon points out that although there are other options, The Landmark is better:

“I could take my team to lots of other locations, like Manchester and Preston, they’ve got hotels with conference facilities, but The Landmark is different. It has a creative business feel about it, people do deals here, and they use this place to get work done.”

“One of the great benefits of The Landmark is the networking that goes on here. We meet people from other companies all the time and it’s great to feel like part of the business community.”

Small businesses would really benefit from setting up at The Landmark.

Leon commented:

“Here you’ll have likeminded people around you all the time. This is a hub for creative business folk, technologists, and these are the kind of people that you’ll want to meet. Here at The Landmark there are people who you can do business with, and who can introduce you to others.”

“On top of all that, The Landmark is one of Burnley’s finest buildings with over 100 of years of heritage”