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“My business partner and I joined the Landmark on a bit of a random whim. We have worked in the local area for years, and as much as we don’t live here, it seemed strange to leave. We were in a local coffee shop, frustrated and stressed with the lack of charging ports, unproductive atmosphere and a new mortgage for the amount of coffee and cakes we were consuming. I made a throw away comment of ‘let’s go and see what this co-working space at ‘The Landmark is all about’ and essentially, we haven’t left!

The friendly team showed us the spaces, which are cool, modern, clean, welcoming and vibrant. Then we got to the costs, and I was ridiculously and pleasantly surprised. We signed up on the spot, because frankly, it just made sense! I can assure you, it is less than I was spending in coffee and cake, It also saved my waistline!

Over our first few weeks we got to know fellow residents, attended events and quite honestly, it felt like a new working home incredibly quickly.  We’ve been introduced to so many fantastic contacts and support. You may save in overheads of having your own dedicated office with a ‘co-working membership’, but you also make money from the connections and support you get too – an element I didn’t even think about before.

As for the staff at ‘The Landmark’, I couldn’t speak more highly of them. They’re welcoming, friendly, nothing is too much trouble and I feel like they’re becoming a wonderful addition to our business. It great to see their happy and smiling faces each morning. Their professionalism is incredible too. I  get an email when my guests come to visit, there’s every professional service you could want under one roof and having them greet my clients when they turn up for meetings – the team are a fantastic front to my business. There aren’t many services you can truly trust and say that about.

We’ve upgraded our membership once, and we’re ready to do the same again. 

Thank you for giving us a wonderful working home from home.”

– Rebecca Jane, Founder & CEO of RJ8