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Based in The Landmark, we’re a fully serviced advice firm, providing everything from financial planning including pensions and investment advice, through to mortgage protection and equity release.

I formed the business around seven years ago. We’ve grown steadily over the years and now have a team of five servicing clients all over the North West and further afield.

I am also Technical Director of a national financial services training company called Redmill Advance, which also runs its Lancashire hub from The Landmark.

We moved here in April 2021 after our lease came to an end at our previous offices and already knowing about The Landmark and the great co-working space that it has here, it was the first point of call for us.

I wanted somewhere that gave us a private space, which the office does here at the Apex Centre, but I also wanted to be able to have the ability to bring clients to a really nice environment and I don’t think you get a better environment than The Landmark because it ticks all the boxes for us.

My team get to work in the co-working space, we get to see clients in a very private environment in the boardrooms downstairs and we get to use the office for our private work. It really is a perfect fit for us and it’s very, very good value for money.

You also get a buzz from working in the co-working space and being around other people, which you simply don’t get when working from home.

Feedback from clients is what really matters for us and I always ask clients what they think of the facilities at The Landmark and every client has said this is fantastic and what a great place it is to be and work.

Being a member and tenant here and getting the support from The Landmark allows me to focus on running my business rather than running a building and setting up meeting rooms.

The boardroom is kitted out brilliantly for our meetings and you want for nothing which makes everything incredibly seamless.

Moving to The Landmark has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in business over the last seven years and I would definitely recommend it to any business.

You can be a brand new start-up or a one man band, but you can also run a business from this building with these facilities of any size.