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WEAVR are a Fintech based company based all over the country, with the team located in Burnley, London, Newcastle and the Midlands.

I chose The Landmark because I was looking for a base that I could use on a flexible schedule. Having just moved up here from down south, I really wanted somewhere other than home to work and The Landmark ticked all the boxes.

What I also really liked about this building is that it is right in the centre of town and it’s an old school building with an esteemed history.

Amongst the different rooms and locations to work, I took the fixed desk option because I didn’t want to keep moving equipment to and fro and it works really well for me. I use it as a virtual office, taking lots of calls and doing a lot of desk work, so it’s a super easy way to do business for me.

The benefits of having the fixed desk are that I don’t have to come in and look for a desk and a charging point, it’s already there and I have my two monitors and my filing cabinet ready to start work right away.

Although I’ve not been here long, I’ve met so many people in that short space of time, which has been good on both a business level but also a social level.

The collaborative space here is great, the meeting rooms that you can use are very well equipped and the networking sessions are an opportunity to meet local businesses, which has been really useful.

My other half is a Burnley lass, she lived down south, we met down there and it was always part of the deal that we’d move back north and I’m really glad we have.

The great thing about Burnley is that it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

We live just on the edge of the Forest of Bowland which is just fantastic, you can get up to the Dales and you can get to the coast, it’s just a fantastic quality of life.

I would thoroughly recommend The Landmark to anyone who is looking for a flexible, collaborative working space which is great value for money.