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Mck Contract Services Ltd focus on quantity surveying and project management for construction, civil engineering projects and building projects.

I’ve been working on some interesting local projects including the Lava Ignite apartment development on Hammerton Street, which is converting an old listed building into 26 apartments, and another scheme on Bethesda St, next to Marks & Spencers, which is converting an old office into 36 flats.

I am also working on a project in Ayr, Scotland which involves building a hydroelectric plant, which is really interesting.

I am also part-owner of a construction firm in Clitheroe called Bailey Contracts – we will do building projects together but I also work for the client as a consultant running the project.

Being a local lad, I am extremely passionate about Burnley itself and also the football club. I have been a season ticket holder since I was a child and followed them around Europe when they qualified for that a couple of years ago.

I first came to The Landmark when the venue I was at decided to close (November 2020). I got invited along with a few colleagues to come over and have a look around the facilities. I signed up straight away, which is one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s fantastic.

I don’t think there are any facilities that could compete with this. The building is fantastic inside and out, the staff you are working with are great and I really like how the laid back nature and professionalism mix well together.

You also pick up work with people you’ve never met before and I’ve made lots of friends over the last couple of years, so it’s been brilliant.

One of the things I use the most at The Landmark is the hotdesking, which is great. I also use the meeting rooms quite a lot for Zoom meetings, whilst it’s also nice to come up to the bar on a Friday afternoon and have a pint whilst winding down.

Working at The Landmark is also a great way to get routine into my day. I currently work here 2-3 days a week and although I could work from home, there are too many distractions there and having that purpose to get out of bed and go to work really works for me.

I would definitely recommend the Landmark and have been doing for the last couple of years. There’s nothing like it.