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AKORN Financial Advice are a financial services and mortgage company, with our main operations based here at The Landmark.

Our business has grown from being a one man band to a five man team and as we look to continue that growth strategy, facilities is not one of the concerns that we have because The Landmark is going to support anything we need to fulfill that growth.

The Landmark has given us both the facility to have our own office in the Apex Centre, but also the atmosphere of being around other people who are also working.

There are so many great facilities here. When it comes to meetings, you can take clients to the bar area, we can book seminar rooms to be able to meet with as many clients as we would want and if we are meeting a new client for the first time, we’ll book the boardroom which includes tea and coffee facilities which The Landmark staff bring to us, giving us an extremely professional image as soon as the client walks through the door.

The building itself used to be Burnley Grammar School and it’s that quirky nature, which has allowed The Landmark team to fit in all the facilities that they need to.

All the businesses here are so well looked after by The Landmark team and as far as being a professional, small growing business, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The location is also brilliant for us and where our operations are based and targeted. Within 15 minutes we can be in the Ribble Valley, we can be in Colne, we can jump on the M65 and in 20 minutes we can hit Preston, as well as anywhere in between including Accrington and Blackburn, making us really accessible for our customers.

I would definitely recommend The Landmark to anyone and especially small business owners that are on a growth strategy and there are already quite a few companies here now that within five years or so will be well known in the town, so it’s a real springboard for them.