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I work in the Currys e-commerce function in the UI (user interface), UX (user experience design) and web design team. As UI design manager, I look after the UI designers who design the front end of the Curry’s website.

Although our head office is based in London, I recently moved back up north and was planning on working from home full-time.

The main problem with that for me was that I felt like I didn’t have any colleagues. Here at The Landmark it’s so nice to come in and actually have a chat with people, as well as having the banter and the company that you would in a workplace.

It’s also really good to separate your home and office life – it can be very easy to get distracted thinking about the washing that needs to go on or the vacuuming that needs doing.

I actually discovered The Landmark on Google when I was searching for places to work in Burnley. I recognised the building and knew it was one of the really nice buildings in the town.

Having checked out what was on offer including the great, modern facilities and the extremely competitive rates, I decided to work from home 1-2 days and from The Landmark for the other 1-2 days.

I remember my mum saying that The Landmark is one of her all-time favourite buildings in Burnley, so when I told her that I was working here, she was very jealous.

One of the things I really love about The Landmark is being able to move around, so you’re not sitting at the same desk and looking at the same four walls all the time – I can move desks, I can move between rooms, as well as working up in the lounge, which gives me that different workplace feeling.

As a web designer and being online for the majority of my work, a really strong and reliable internet connection is really important for me and that is something you definitely get at The Landmark. If I ever need to be online all day for a conference or a training session, The Landmark is where I go.

In my line of work I also need to be very creative and the airy atmosphere inside the building makes you feel like you’ve got a lot of space to work, without all the clutter that you might have at home.

Another great benefit of The Landmark is its location right in the town centre of Burnley. It’s nice to be able to step out at lunchtime, leave the car in the carpark and wander into town to do some shopping and grab some lunch.

There’s also a shower here, so if you want to nip out at lunchtime and do some exercise in the nearby park, you can go and do that, then come back here, have a quick shower and then settle down for work again.

For anyone who is looking for anywhere to work, I would definitely recommend The Landmark. The competitive pricing is brilliant but despite that, you are getting the best facilities and the best working environment.